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    Rock Wool Wire-meshed Blanket

    Rock Wool Wire-meshed Blanket is a flexible and rolled blanket using metal wire to stitching the rock wool blanket with the metal mesh together. It is resistant to high temperature and easy to installation.  According to different application and requirements.... View Article

    Industry Board

    Industry Board is mainly made from the natural rock of basalt and dolomite. It is preformed porous and rigid or semi-rigid rock wool board with very good performance on thermal, acoustic and fire insulation. According to different application and requirement,... View Article

    Industrial Rock Wool Blanket

    Industrial Rock Wool Blanket Industrial Rock Wool Blanket is a flexible rolled product, mainly made from natural rock such as basalt and dolomite. On request, the rock wool blanket can be water repellent, and also can be faced with aluminum... View Article

    Pipe Section

    Pipe Section Pipe Section is preformed through some mould for technical and industry pipeline. To ease installation process, there is a joint-cutting in one edge along the of axis, this also make the pipe section fit the pipe line well.... View Article