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Industrial Rock Wool Blanket

Industrial Rock Wool Blanket

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Industrial Rock Wool Blanket is a flexible rolled product, mainly made from natural rock such as basalt and dolomite. On request, the rock wool blanket can be water repellent, and also can be faced with aluminum foil, glass tissue or glass cloth on one side or both sides.

Standard Size


Technical Parameters Other size and density is available on request


** Only applicable for products used for austenitic steel with very low chloride content as per ASTM C795*Only applicable for water repellent products

The other proper conforms to standards of GB/T 11835, ASTM C 665, and ASTM C553.


Rock wool blanket are mainly used as insulation agent in Industry. In industry field, rock wool blanket is suitable for thermal insulation, noise reduction and fire resistance in uneven surfaces, vessels, tank walls and duct of power plant, petrochemical plant etc.